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As a Producer in Hästens, you are working deeply with projects that requires attention to details, such projects are the Hästens Next Level Photography and Film, and the tasks in writing Production Briefs.

In these kinds of projects, you develop the production brief that contains what to produce and have it structured in the sequence of how you proceed to do it. In addition to that you have defined what assets are being created by making that production happen, the value those assets bring to the customer, marketing channels, and the holistic value for Hästens.

You very much care about the content, which is essential for you to produce any work that meets the Hästens standard. This way of thinking influences the quality of your actions throughout the value-chain.

You make sure that products are tidy before and during the production.


- Next Level Photography and Film.

- Write the Production Briefs.

- Do the Planning and Lead the Production.

- A well-done hand over to Post-Production.

- Raising the Hästens Standards

Additional responsibilities
Documenting photo-shoots. Managing the photo-studio and its equipment. Developing the photo-shoot guidelines. Explore creation of virtual productions.

Recruitment process

We are diligent when screening for the talent, perks of that is that you will work with equally fantastic people.

Hang in there and be persistent in the recruitment process that consists of the following:

- You apply with your CV, a short cover letter and a portfolio.

- We send you a personality and logic test.

- We interview you 6-7 times, nothing that you should be scared off - we just want to experience all beautiful shades of you.

Compensation & Benefits

First six months we want you to be full time in our office in Köping and during that time we will be able to sponsor your accommodation in the city if you desire to live there.

After that, we believe that 2-3 days per week in the office will be sufficient.

Yrkesroll: Producent: kultur, media, film

Yrkeskategori: Regissörer och producenter av film, teater m.m.

Yrkesunderkategori: Producent: kultur, media, film

Lönetyp: Lön enligt överenskommelse

Org-nummer: 5560526377

Arbetslivserfarenhet: 1 år eller mer